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Jack Bechta

Jack Bechta

President & Founder

Jack Bechta graduated with dual degrees in Finance and Real Estate from Texas A&M University-Kingsville where he played football on a full scholarship. His journey to become an NFLPA Certified Agent was motivated by a deep desire to ensure players receive the compensation and security they rightfully deserve, both during their careers and in the long term.

With unwavering dedication and a keen eye for talent, Jack has inked numerous players to lucrative multi-million-dollar deals, representing an impressive roster of 1st round draft picks, pro bowl luminaries, and some of the highest-paid athletes in their respective positions.

Beyond his client roster, Jack’s network extends to key decision-makers on every NFL team, giving his clients an undeniable edge. Having represented over 125 players and negotiated more than 300 contracts, Jack Bechta’s track record is one of excellence and prosperity. His distinctive approach centers around collaborating solely with high-character individuals and making an unwavering commitment to their success, both on and off the field.

Jack’s influence extends to the media, where he shares his expertise as a contributor to sports blogs and as a producer for the TV show “Super Agent.” He is a dedicated contributor to charitable organizations, giving back to the community that has given him so much.

Always ahead of the curve, Jack remains proactive in navigating the ever-evolving football landscape and its regulations, ensuring his clients maintain a competitive edge. More than a player agent, he is a trusted advocate, mentor, and game-changer, setting the gold standard in player representation.

  • Graduated from Texas A&M University-Kingsville
  • Certified NFL Contract Advisor since 1986
  • Certified Financial Consultant
  • Received Real Estate Broker's  License at age 22
  • Real Estate Investor/Entrepreneur
  • Retirement Planning Specialist
  • Insurance specialist

Ryan Hays

VP Legal and Marketing / Contract Advisor

Ryan’s legal background allows him to understand and analyze intricate contract language pertaining to your NFL Contracts and the protection of your earnings, as well as endorsement contracts to protect your name and likeness.

In addition, Ryan will keep you well educated on your contracts and the language therein, benefits, (playing and post-career) CBA rights, and legal rights. He will make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Ryan was actively involved in negotiating the contract language for one of the most player friendly contracts in 49ers history in George Kittle, the highest paid TE ever.

Ryan is always available. Ryan provides clients with personal attention 24/7. He’ll be there when needed most. His egoless obsession with his clients’ success allows him to pursue their best interests resulting in stronger contracts, more endorsements and the best personal management of their careers.

  • Graduated from University of Arizona
  • Graduated Thomas Jefferson School of Law Cum Laude
  • Licensed Attorney in the State of California
  • Certified NFL contract advisor since 2012
  • Branding and Marketing Specialist

Our Support Team

Jack Tabb III

Player Evaluation/Recruiting