Looking back, Jack realizes that representing NFL players was what he was made to do.

Jack graduated with Honors in Finance and Real Estate from Texas A&M University-Kingsville where he was recruited to play football. Upon graduating, he accepted a coveted position at EF Hutton – where there was only a 1% acceptance rate. There he honed his skills as a financial advisor, managing millions of dollars in investment accounts.

While reading an article in the WSJ, he was introduced to the challenges professional football players faced managing their careers. In fact, some of his former teammates and friends had suffered through poorly negotiated contracts, failing to secure key protections and leaving money on the table.

Jack was moved to call some agents and offer his expertise. After just a handful of calls he determined that he would shepherd NFL players to successful and rewarding careers in football and beyond.

At the age of 23, Jack was certified with the NFLPA. Leveraging his financial knowledge and passion for football, he quickly developed a reputation as a savvy agent negotiated with integrity and grit.

“It’s what gets me up in the morning. The opportunity to make a difference in players’ lives and their careers. I’ve been a godfather to a client’s child, co-written a Hall of Fame induction speech. That’s what the journey is all about. That’s my soul food.”

Under Jack’s guidance, JB Sports serves its clients with the highest level of honesty, commitment and personal care. No grievances or complaints have ever been filed against Jack or any member of JB Sports team.