Committed to your success.

JB Sports is a full-service sports management agency with over 50 years of football experience focused on one thing: the success of our athletes. Leveraging our know-how, resources and league reputation, we will help you navigate the challenges, eliminate the noise and focus on what’s important.

Work directly with the agency principals on a strategic action plan customized for your skill set, personality, values and goals. We play to your strengths. Sometimes talk is cheap, but our word is gold and backed by an unrivaled commitment to each and every client.

The JB Sports Toolbox

A customized game plan committed to your success on and off the field

JB Sports will design and execute a personalized all-inclusive pre-draft training program that will have you mastering and dominating the challenges of the NFL Combine and your Pro Day. We have access to the top training facilities in the nation and will match your individual needs to the best training plan available, maximizing your draft day value.

  • Tailored training regimens to enhance fitness and agility and optimize performance
  • We work to refine your skills, improving technique, speed and strength
  • Mental conditioning to manage stress, maintain focus and perform your best
  • Wonderlic Test preparation
  • Interview and media preparation to communicate effectively with team representatives
  • All-Star game preparation
  • Coordination of individual pre-draft workouts
  • Pre-draft marketing, highlight films, and highlighting personal intangibles
  • Setting Draft Day expectations and coordinating Draft day events

JB Sports is one of the most powerful dealmakers in the NFL. With several precedent setting contracts and over 250 NFL contracts negotiated, JB Sports is committed to maximizing your earning potential. JB Sports is the leader in contract design and innovation adding value to every contract negotiated. We have humbly set the bar with numerous head turning deals for our clients.

  • We work to diligently secure the highest salaries, bonuses and performance incentives
  • We ensure that contracts are well-structured to provide security and minimize risks
  • Contract extensions; trade requests and execution
  • Handling all NFL grievances
  • Fine appeals
  • Injury settlements
  • Free agency

We offer our clients a wide range of services to maximize their opportunities both on and off the field.

  • Off-season training plans to enhance your skills and value
  • Investment counseling and budget management
  • Off-field development to explore opportunities in leadership, community involvement and personal branding
  • Mentorship through player connections to acquire valuable insights and guidance
  • Legal assistance,  tax planning and filing coordination
  • Insurance counseling
  • New city relocation
  • Travel arrangements

Our Financial Planning services ensure that our clients have a secure financial future during and after their football careers, tailored to their individual needs and goals. We work closely with players to help them manage their earnings, invest wisely, and plan for post-football life, offering a comprehensive suite of financial services.

  • Budgeting to manage income and expenses effectively
  • Guidance making smart investments
  • Tax optimization to ensure to minimize your tax liability and stay compliant with tax laws
  • Retirement planning for long-term financial security
  • Advice on insurance coverage, including health, disability and life insurance to protect you and your family

Our Marketing and Brand Promotion services are dedicated to enhancing our clients’ public image and financial prospects by building and capitalizing on their personal brand within the football world and beyond. We leverage our extensive network to secure endorsement deals, manage public relations, and create effective marketing strategies that elevate our clients’ profiles on and off the field.

  • We actively seek and negotiate endorsement contracts with brands that align with your values
  • We manage and enhance your social media presence to engage fans and sponsors
  • We handle public relations, press releastes and crisis communication to protect and grow your reputation
  • We work with you to develop a unique presonal brand
  • We explore opportunities to market merchandise
  • We coordinate appearances and speaking engagements to expand your reach

JB Sports Post-Career Planning services are designed to help football players transition smoothly into life after their playing careers, focusing on education, second career options, and long-term financial security. We work with our clients to identify their interests and strengths, guiding them toward opportunities for continued success and fulfillment beyond the football field.

  • Education and training to acquire new skills and qualifications
  • Counseling to explore potential professional paths
  • We facilitate networking opportunities to help you establish important contacts
  • We provide advice on transitioning from playing income to other revenue sources
  • We connect players with other players who have successfully transitioned from football to other careers
  • We explore entrepreneurship and strategic investment opportunities