JB Services

Jack and the JB team have your back…


JB Sports will design and execute a personalized all-inclusive pre-draft training program that will have you mastering and dominating the challenges of the NFL Combine and your Pro Day. We have access to the top training facilities in the nation and will match your individual needs to the best training plan available, maximizing your draft day value. 

During this all important process JB Sports will continue to gather intel from our vast network of scouts to utilize evaluation reports so that you and your trainers can use the information to help you excel and become a great first year pro. 

Other Draft Preparation services include:

•Training equipment
•Nutrition support
•Wonderlic Test preparation
•Interview and media preparation
•All-Star game preparation 
•Coordination of individual pre-draft workouts 
•Pre-draft marketing, highlight films, and highlighting personal intangibles
•Setting Draft Day expectations and coordinating Draft day events 


We offer our clients a wide range of services to maximize their opportunities both on and off the field.

Off-season training plans                       Investment counseling and budget management 
Legal assistance                                    Tax planning and filing coordination 
Insurance counseling                             New city relocation
Travel arrangements                              Personal services


JB Sports is one of the most powerful dealmakers in the NFL. With several precedent setting contracts and over 250 NFL contracts negotiated, JB Sports is committed to maximizing your earning potential. JB Sports is the leader in contract design and innovation adding value to every contract negotiated. We have humbly set the bar with numerous head turning deals for our clients. 

Contract extensions                                                       Trade requests and execution

Handling all NFL grievances                                         Fine appeals      

Injury settlements                                                          Free agency 

Marketing and Endorsements

At JB Sports we not only secure you marketing and endorsement deals, but we are obsessed with building your personal brand and creating a lifetime of brand equity.  Our in-house marketing department will create, pursue and maximize your off-field earnings through strategic alliances with companies that share in your values and interests. The one thing we do differently from our competitors is blend your off-field interests with your football brand.


•Product endorsements                                       •Licensing opportunities

•Shoe/apparel contracts                                       •Speaking engagements

•Football card deals (NFT)                                    •Car deals                      

•Personal appearances/ autograph signings       •Cell phone deals

•Radio / media appearances                                 


We understand the media’s impact on the public’s perception of an athlete. We will develop a social media strategy that allows you to interact with your fans and develop a strong reputation in the NFL community. Through our media outlet relationships, we will work to develop media exposure that highlights your on-field play while complimenting your off-field efforts. 


JB Sports will assist you in preparing for life after football. We truly believe the best time to prepare is while you are in the spotlight as a player. We will help you secure post career opportunities and help you leverage your pro career into you off-field interests. JB Sports will guide you through the transition of your post-NFL career and prepare you for financial security. 

While you are focused on playing the game you love, we are aware that an NFL career can be cut short. We will work tirelessly to ensure that you are not caught off-guard should your playing career abruptly end.